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JMCC Shared Stories
Every child is unique, as is their journey with the John McGivney Children’s Centre. We would love to hear your story: whether you are a client, a parent, a caregiver, a friend or just know someone who is connected to JMCC, please share your experiences.

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With Gratitude
Date Posted December 05, 2012
Someone once said that it takes special parents to care for a special needs child, and despite the struggles we face at times, we are blessed to have our son Connor. Next month he will turn three and for those three years, Connor has had health concerns as well as developmental delays. As we wait for a diagnosis, there have been so many issues that have needed to be addressed, such as specialty care, applying for funding, acquiring assistive devices, and how best to meet his everyday needs.

In July of 2010, Connor began physiotherapy at the John McGivney Children’s Centre, with speech and occupational therapy in the months to follow. We quickly learned that he would need special care and so in February of 2011, he was enrolled in their preschool daycare fulltime. The team that supports Connor is nothing short of remarkable. Every day, his classroom teachers follow a specific program for Connor while including him in the classroom activities. His knowledgeable and patient therapists never hesitate to make time to talk with us and teach us about the milestones they are trying to meet with him. His amazing specialists help us choose the right devices to meet Connor's needs as well as helping us seek out funding to cover the costs. We have so many people looking out for what is best for Connor and in addition to all those people, we also have a wonderful and caring social worker who checks in with us regularly, addressing our concerns, and helping to meet our needs as parents, not only to our son Connor, but to our five‐year‐old daughter as well. At the helm of the team is the manager of preschool who coordinates it all and is without a doubt doing everything in her power to make sure every base is covered.

The John McGivney Children’s Centre and the staff have been instrumental, in not only meeting our son’s needs, but also helping us to give him the best life possible.

By: Michelle and Vince Laframboise
With Gratitude
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