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JMCC Shared Stories
Every child is unique, as is their journey with the John McGivney Children’s Centre. We would love to hear your story: whether you are a client, a parent, a caregiver, a friend or just know someone who is connected to JMCC, please share your experiences.

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Moving Forward To Be The Best You Can Be
Date Posted June 21, 2013
By Faith Fynbo
Hi! My name is Faith Fynbo and I have Cerebral Palsy. I started my journey with JMCC as an infant. At 2 years of age I attended the preschool program, with Kellie Krause as my teacher, receiving occupational, physio and communication therapy. I guess the speech therapy worked because now I can talk your ear off!
While attending Gosfield North Public School my therapy continued with in school health support services. During my early years I used a K-walker and often ran, not walked, down the halls at school. At home we had 2 lofts with a catwalk joining them. I remember walking along it repeatedly without my walker dreaming of a day when I would achieve independent mobility. Two major necessary orthopaedic surgeries caused me to hesitate and rethink my abilities for a year or so. Therapeutic horseback riding helped me refocus and stay positive. In grade 4, Anne Girard came to see me at school carrying fore-arm crutches. With mixed emotions I tried them out for the 1st time. Could I do this? Would I fall? I can't go as fast! But with my usual determination and perseverance the crutches became my new accomplishment.  With my renewed sense of self confidence and through The Sunshine Dream Foundation, I even swam with dolphins in Mexico.  Throughout my growing years JMCC staff has supported me physically and emotionally and my family has been close by my side, they are my rock. 
In high school, my growing circle of friends supported me to become school Prime Minister for two years, a first ever accomplishment by a student at Western Secondary School. This assignment gave me a lot of pride in myself and taught me even though you have physical challenges you can still move mountains.
I always try to keep moving forward never losing focus. I believe I have a fire in me, always burning ready to ignite others in their journey to be the best they can be.

By: Faith Fynbo
Moving Forward To Be The Best You Can Be
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