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JMCC Is Recruiting Volunteer Board Members
Date Posted: Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The John McGivney Children's Centre (JMCC) provides rehabilitative services to the Windsor and Essex County community, enriching the lives of children and youth with disabilities and special needs by helping them reach their full potential. The JMCC Board of Directors is comprised of up to 12 volunteer individuals with a diverse set of skills and expertise.  We are currently seeking new members for appointment to the Board of Directors. 


  • Responsible for the effective governance and strategic leadership of JMCC
  • Influence the Strategic Plan for JMCC
  • Attend monthly Board Meetings and the Annual General Meeting
  • Participate as a member on at least one Board Committee (often requiring attendance at a monthly Committee meeting)
  • Represent JMCC to members of the communities we serve
  • Commit time as required to fulfill the responsibilities of a Board Member
  • Board Members hold office for a term of 3 years with renewal options for subsequent terms

We encourage candidates with:
  • Experience with not for profit organizations, preferably as a Board Member
  • Competence in the area(s) of Finance, Legal, Human Resources, Fundraising, Marketing
  • A relationship with JMCC as a past recipient of services or parent of a child who is/was a recipient of services
  • Candidates must be 18 years of age or older
If you are looking for a stronger sense of purpose, and a chance to contribute to the quality of life of our children and families, we can offer you the rewarding opportunity to do both.

Please forward a letter of interest along with a current resume in confidence to: .

The John McGivney Children’s Centre provides rehabilitative services to the Windsor and Essex County community, enriching the lives of children and youth with disabilities and special needs by helping them reach their full potential.
The John McGivney Children's Centre will be the centre of hope, support and inspiration for children with disabilities and their families.  Working together toward a future of participation, acceptance and opportunities.
We Believe….
  • That we can make a difference in the quality of life (of our clients and families).
  • In the value, uniqueness and diversity of the family.
  • That each child has self-worth and value, and should be treated with respect and dignity.
  • That children have the right to develop their full potential through equitable access to services to develop this potential.
  • That children have a right to live and be cared for in a safe environment.
  • That the Centre is just one component of the broader community of organizations working together in a collaborative partnership to provide a continuum of services to children and families.
  • It is the right of staff to work in an environment that promotes respect, encouragement, and professional development.
The John McGivney Children’s Centre (JMCC) provides a variety of services to over 2,100 children each year, with disabilities and special needs in Windsor-Essex County.  We believe that our services and programs can and will make a difference in the quality of life of our clients and will provide them the opportunity to develop to their full potential.  Our services are provided to our clients at the Centre, in their homes and in community schools and serve children from birth to 21 years of age with one or more of the following:
  • Neurological conditions e.g. cerebral palsy and head injury
  • Birth Defects e.g. Spina Bifida
  • Muscle disorders e.g. Muscular Dystrophy
  • Trauma e.g. fractures, post-surgical
  • Illness e.g. cancer
  • Unusual metabolic conditions
  • Cardiovascular and respiratory conditions
  • Cleft lip and/or palate craniofacial conditions
  • Autism
  • Orthopedic/musculoskeletal conditions
  • Genetic disorders e.g. Down’s Syndrome
  • Developmental delays
Specialized therapies and services include physiotherapy, occupational therapy, communication therapy, social work, augmentative communication therapy, seating/mobility, in addition to an on-site integrated pre-school.  In collaboration with the Centre, JMCC School Authority is designed to provide a safe, equitable learning environment for children ages 4-21 that respects uniqueness of a diverse community with special needs, maximizing the learning outcomes.  Exemplary programs and teaching methods, along with intensive rehabilitation services are kept within the Ministry of Education directives and the ultimate goal is to strive for integration into a community school.

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