Collaborating With Families: Family Engagement at JMCC
Date Posted: Monday, June 19, 2017

At the John McGivney Children’s Centre (JMCC), we are dedicated to being leaders in the delivery of family-centred care and service in the Windsor and Essex County community and in the children’s treatment centre sector. In order to truly adopt a family-centred care culture, we are committed to engaging our families in everything that we do, from organizational planning to service delivery. Therefore, we are extremely excited that our Family Engagement Project is well-underway.
A family-engagement survey was completed by staff and families and the results were compiled into a report identifying successes and recommendations to grow those successes and further engage families in the Centre and the services we provide. Building on this, we hosted a Family Engagement event for staff and families in March led by CanChild Research Institute’s Dr. Peter Rosenbaum that centred on the “F-words” of child development: Function, Family, Fun, Fitness, Friends and Future. This day was filled with discussion among staff and families on how we can continue to build collaboration and work even better together. Several families were tasked to put together and explain their “F-words” as they relate to their families and the care of their child.
“Through our work with the team at JMCC, we have gained a better understanding of what adjustments we can make or what tools [my grandson] needs to ensure he has the fullest life he can have,” says Wendy Harling, reflecting on her F-Words collage featuring her grandson Jacob. Harling also spearheaded Feeding Tube Awareness Week activities at the Centre in February, in partnership with JMCC staff, a prime example of the family engagement we look to strengthen.

 “JMCC is committed to partnering and collaborating with families to ensure that our services and processes are truly responsive to their needs,” says Wendy Tavares, Acting Director of Client Services.  “We are very excited to see the implementation of a Family Engagement Committee and to see family representatives as members of various JMCC committees in the coming months.”

In addition to engaging families through Centre committees, JMCC is committed to identifying new ways to help our families navigate the system. Working closely with families enables us to continually improve both parent/guardian satisfaction as well as children’s outcomes. At JMCC, our Measures of Processes of Care (MPOC) survey results continue to improve as families feel more engaged in their child’s treatment. Based on these survey results, JMCC is also able to identify that families continue to seek more engagement and more general information sharing about services and supports that may be available to them which is at the heart of the Family Engagement Project.

 “Engaging with staff and other families gives us as caregivers the opportunity to meet new people and grow our support system,” says Harling. “Everything we do is all about our child. The Centre is a huge part of Jacob’s life and everything he does. Therefore, it is a huge part of my life. Jacob and I are learning together through our time at JMCC.”


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