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From client to proud staff member: Introducing Khalisha Caston
Date Posted: Tuesday, February 28, 2017

“I love spending time in the classroom around the kids,” says Khalisha Caston, a member of the Child Care team at the John McGivney Children’s Centre (JMCC).

Caston, who was a JMCC client as a child, is now proud to call herself a member of the Centre’s staff. It was a goal of Caston’s to work at JMCC. She wanted to be able to give back to the place that had impacted her life in such a positive way when she was a child. Therefore, along with the team at Assisted Living Southwestern Ontario (ALSO), Caston worked diligently to gain the experience and the skills she needed to become an integral member of the JMCC team. Before joining the Centre, Caston volunteered at ABC Nursery and worked at Taco Bell and as a receptionist at ALSO, answering the phones and assisting other clients.

At JMCC, Caston is currently responsible for preparing the children’s snacks and cleaning up the dishes and the kitchen following snack time. She is also being trained to take on tasks in the Child Care laundry and will continue to develop her skills and begin taking on other responsibilities around the Centre.

While excited by all of her tasks at JMCC, the best part of Caston’s day is singing with the kids. She even takes it upon herself to use some of her time at ALSO to look up new songs to sing with her friends in Child Care.

“I love the songs. They’re silly and fun to sing,” says Caston.

Caston’s employment is made possible through a partnership between ALSO, the Unemployed Help Centre and JMCC.  


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