Feeding Tube Awareness Week at JMCC
Date Posted: Friday, February 3, 2017

Feeding Tube Awareness Week runs from February 6 to February 10. At the John McGivney Children’s Centre (JMCC) we work with many families whose children require feeding tubes to get the nutrition they need to live, survive and thrive. With our families, our staff and our community, we will be joining the conversation and helping to raise awareness about tube feeding throughout the week.
Wendy Harling’s grandson Jacob is a happy boy who loves to play, spend time with his family and attend child care at JMCC. In September, he will start school at the Centre. Harling is very proud of his progress and she wants to let the community know that having a child who requires a feeding tube is no reason to be afraid.
“Jacob has many special needs but at the end of the day he is just a kid,” said Harling. An advocate for raising awareness and spreading the word, she loves the opportunity to meet other families who have children who may have similar experiences to Jacob.
“Through connections, we as the families of these tube fed kids realize it doesn’t have to be scary, it’s simple. You just need to educate yourself and ask the necessary questions,” says Harling.
On Tuesday, February 7, Harling will be in the Family Waiting Room at JMCC, with other caregivers whose kids are tube fed and an RPN, with information about tube feeding. She hopes to raise awareness and dispel myths associated with tube feeding but most of all she hopes to connect with other JMCC families. 
“Come by, say hi, learn and help us spread the word this Feeding Tube Awareness Week!” says Harling.

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