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Take a sneak peek at Play McGivney
Date Posted: Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Take a sneak peek at Play McGivney: We're building an accessible outdoor playground and nature experience for play and therapeutic opportunities and we want to hear from you: Our clients, our families, our staff and our volunteers! We are encouraging you to stop by the centre and visit the family waiting room or the school lobby to see the plans and provide feedback!

Play McGivney:
Where children and youth with special needs, their families, their friends and the community will play, learn and grow together outside in an accessible and welcoming environment.

What is Play McGivney? We're redeveloping our outdoor side yard into a model of inclusive play and participation for children/youth with special needs, their families, their friends and the community.

Why is this important? Our families have expressed a strong interest in seeing an outdoor, community space where families can interact with one another in an inclusive, supportive environment that also serves as an additional clinical space used for outdoor therapy.

A well-designed community space encourages participation and involvement to create varied, 'sensory rich' opportunities for everyone to engage with their environment. It considers the needs of everyone to avoid exclusion and supports the different ways that people access the world around them.

What is the status of ths project: We are working with an experienced designer from Playworld who has provided us, in-kind, the displayed designs. This is our "dream" vision for our playground. The size and scope of the final product will be determined based on the availability of funding. Our goal is to begin construction in the spring of 2017.

We want to hear from you: What would make this space more inclusive? On the wall in the waiting room and in the school lobby you can take a look at the design, read about the proposed equipment and provide your feedback. Take a colourful Post It, write down an idea or ideas and post in the space provided. 

This is an exciting project for JMCC and we appreciate your participation in ensuring we are designing an inclusive space for play, adventure and exploration for individuals of all abilities.

If you would like more information about the project, please contact Danielle Mulvey at


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