Seating and Mobility
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Seating and Mobility
Individuals who require or would benefit from specialized seating or mobility devices as a means to help improve comfort, posture, and their ability to perform daily activities may wish to consider our Seating and Mobility Clinic.
Services include...
  • Assessment for seating systems and wheeled mobility
  • Consultation and professional development
  • Fabricate supports in other seats, mobility, etc.
  • Fabricate and/or order prescribed equipment
Goals promote...
  1. Stability and support
  2. Postural alignment and motor control
  3. Performance of functional activities
  4. Self-esteem through provision of comfort and aesthetics
  5. Maximum independence
The seating and mobility clinic is available to clients up to the age of 21 years. Ongoing services may be available to current clients over 21 years, on a case by case basis.
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