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What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapists (PTs) at JMCC are regulated health professionals who provide assessment and treatment for children and youth to improve or maintain their ability to move, function, and participate in everyday activities. These activities may include:
  • Movement through functional play at home, school, or in the community
  • Walking, stair climbing, balance activities
  • Participating in physical activities in the community through structured groups or individual interests
  • Stretching, positioning, and strengthening programs
Who is Eligible for Physiotherapy?  How do I get referred to Physiotherapy?
  • Children/youth from birth to 21 years with a physical or developmental disability/difficulties who live in Windsor/Essex County are eligible for outpatient PT services. Children who present with conditions such as torticollis (wry neck), plagiocephaly (flat head), club foot, toe walking, leg or foot alignment issues, as well as neuromuscular issues are eligible.  Families and doctors may refer to JMCC using our referral form.
  • Eligible children attending the JMCC day care and school programs may also receive PT services while attending their program. Referrals may be initiated by families and other team members.
  • School-aged children may be referred to PT services for school-based mobility, safety, and participation concerns through the Community Care Access Centre School Health Support Services Program (CCAC SHSSP). Services are not intended to replace those provided in outpatient settings. Families and school staff may refer to CCAC.
  • CCAC contact information: 519-258-8211 or toll free 1.888.447.4468 Click here for CCAC website
  • Medically fragile children (due to illness or injury) who are temporarily unable to access community services may be eligible for PT in the home through the Community Care Access Centre (CCAC) home program. Families and doctors may contact CCAC to ask about eligibility and referral.

Types/Frequency of PT Services

PTs work together with children/youth, their caregivers, and other team members to help promote motor development and independent mobility. The type(s) of PT services will depend on the needs of the child/youth and their caregivers and may include:
  • Assessment (gross motor/movement skills, orthopaedic status, equipment)
  • Direct therapy offered by a physiotherapist or a therapy assistant/aide
  • Home/School programs
  • Monitoring (the PT provides programming and trains a caregiver to carry out recommendations)
  • Consultation with team members (caregivers, preschool or school staff, etc.)
  • Recommendations for adaptive equipment for mobility or positioning
  • Orthopaedic clinic

Physiotherapy Associations and Links

College of Physiotherapists of Ontario (CPO):
Canadian Physiotherapy Association (CPA):

PT Resource/Activity Website Links

CanChild Centre for Disability Research: CanChild
Recreation Opportunities:   JMCC website
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