Child Care Program: Growing Together
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Child Care Program: Growing Together
Children of all abilities grow together in a nurturing, state-of-the-art setting with individual attention that is unparalleled in the region.  This inclusive Child Care model offers two separate but integrated programs:
  1. Early Intervention Resource Program 
  2. Child Care Program
Both programs are licensed under the Ministry of Education Child Care Quality Assurance and Licensing Branch.

1.   Resource Program
The Resource Program provides an early intervention program for children with special needs, ages 14 months to five years, within an integrated child care environment. (We are pleased to now have a new Toddler Room and can accept children who are now 14 months, instead of waiting until 18 months.)  A multi-disciplinary, family-centred approach incorporates therapy and family goals into the classroom, allowing for consistency and carryover to promote skill development and optimal growth.

Admission Criteria:
  • The child is receiving two JMCC therapies (physiotherapy, occupational therapy and/or communication therapy).
  • Referrals for the Resource Program are made by the child’s JMCC therapists or parent self-referral to the Centre.  An appointment is then scheduled for a team assessment to confirm eligibility. Please see JMCC Referral Form.
2.  Child Care Program
The Child Care Program is an integrated program for children ages 14 months to five years. (We are pleased to now have a new Toddler Room and can accept children who are now 14 months, instead of waiting until 18 months.) The Child Care Program offers full or half day programs to children who do not require resource assistance or have special needs. 

You can apply for childcare in two ways:

Fee Subsidy
Application for fee subsidy is available on the City of Windsor website (click here to view) where you will have access to their fee subsidy calculator that will estimate what your cost for child care may be, based on line 236 from your Notice of Assessment from Canada Revenue Agency.  Below the calculator you will find a link to the on-line application or call their Intake Line at 519-255-5312 for assistance.
Hours of Operation 
Both JMCC programs operate on a year round basis, excluding statutory holidays and a one week Christmas break. Daily hours of operation are 7:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. 

Staff Qualifications
All child care staff are Registered Early Childhood Educators with expertise in resource teaching, technology, adaptive equipment, health and medical issues pertaining to diagnoses.

Resource Program Goals
  • To provide a developmentally appropriate, emergent, play based curriculum within a highly stimulating, integrated child care environment.
  • To provide a developmental, curriculum–based assessment and an individual program plan (I.P.P) specific to each child’s needs.
  • To incorporate a multidisciplinary, therapy-based approach, with consistent carryover of therapy goals into the classroom
  • To strengthen and support family-centred care through regular team conferencing and goal setting.
  • To provide transition planning to community child care programs or school.

Our Program includes:
  • Group/social opportunities that could include sensory/creative circle time, etc.
  • Play based emergent learning opportunities and activities
  • Family-centred care
  • Access to adaptive technology and equipment
  • Outdoor play
  • Nutritional snacks and lunches prepared on site,  with a specific focus on children’s specifics dietary and feeding needs
What other Centre services may be available?
Based on the child's needs, other services may include:
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