About Our School
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About Our School
The JMCC School is dedicated to providing a child centred, personalized and precise education that provides assessment and instruction designed to meet your child's particular learning and motivational needs. We have exemplary teachers, exceptional support staff and rehabilitation personnel to meet your child's individual needs. Please take a few moments to browse our site and learn more about the JMCC School. Our goals at JMCC School are:
  • to work with all stakeholders in establishing precise, measureable rehabilitative and academic goals
  • to provide the highest quality programming to meet individual student needs
  • to maximize student development in functional communication, literacy, numeracy, and social skills
  • to continue to forge strong working relationships with local school boards to ensure successful transitioning into community schools
  • to continue to foster a culture of collaboration with families and centre staff
  • to provide continued support beyond transition to community schools
  • to ensure success for ALL students
Our Students
Our students are those who can benefit from an educational setting that responds to their physical and developmental needs. Students 4-14 years of age living in Windsor/Essex County who meet the admission criteria are eligible to attend.
Admission Criteria
Students who can actively participate in...
  • An intensive post traumatic/post operative rehabilitation program
  • Intensive assessment and training related to complicated rehabilitation needs
  • A protective environment that meets their educational needs.
Demission Criteria
A student is referred to district school boards...
  • When assessments have been completed
  • When medically stable and/or no longer requires a protective environment
  • When rehabilitation and educational goals have been met and/or can be continued in a community school
School Goals
  • To establish partnerships with families.
  • To participate with families and Centre staff in the development of individual goals and programs.
  • To maximize a student's development in communication, literacy, numeracy, and social skills.
  • To work collaboratively with families and local school boards to facilitate our students' smooth transition to community schools.
  • To promote independence.
Additional Programs
We provide linkages with the community through...
  • Principal
  • Educational Consultant
  • Disability Awareness Program
  • Internships with colleges and universities
  • Collaboration with local district school board
  • Collaboration with community agencies
  • Neuropsychological consult services
School Staff
  • Ontario Teacher's Certification
  • Additional undergraduate/graduate courses
  • Special Education Qualifications
  • Educational Assistants
  • School Lunch Aides
For information about the JMCC School, please email:

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