Our Mission, Vision and Values
Our Mission, Vision and Values
Date Edited: November 15, 2017
Our Mission
The John McGivney Children's Centre provides family-centred holistic care to the community, enriching the lives of children and youth with special needs by helping them reach their full potential.
Our Vision
We are a centre of hope, support and inspiration for children with special needs and their families; working together toward a future of participation, acceptance and opportunities.

Our Values
Our values guide the work of the Centre:
Accountability:  We accept responsibility for our actions and decisions and demonstrate commitment to accomplish work in an ethical, efficient and cost effective manner
Collaboration:  We work together as an organization with families and our partners to support and achieve shared goals in the best interest of children, families and the community
Quality:  We provide services that meet the emerging needs of our clients and seek new opportunities to improve services
Resourcefulness:  We apply creative, innovative and collective knowledge to find answers for opportunities and challenges
Respect:  We value diversity and equity, and treat people with fairness, courtesy and impartiality
Transparency:  We operate in a manner that makes it easy for others to appreciate and understand our actions as an organization

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